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Are you looking for a fast and easy way to create stunning ebook covers, software boxes, dvd cases, and discs in Photoshop?

eBook cover action scripts make it incredibly easy to turn any flat image into a realistic looking 3D cover image. However, there is one small problem that no action script can solve...

...Not All Of Us Are Designers

eCover action scripts are great, but the problem is you still have to come up with an eye catching design.

Let's face it, anyone can hit the "compile" button to turn that flat image into a 3D cover, but to have a great looking 3D cover you first have to put a great looking design on the page.

The choice you have is pretty much to practice and practice until you can design fairly well, and who wants to go through that whole process just to design a few ebook covers?

The Solution? eBook Cover Impact

eBook Cover Impact is not just a bunch of action scripts. It is a complete ecover toolkit for Photoshop, featuring 16 action scripts, 20 pre-designed templates and complete video training, along with some shortcut bonuses to help you complete your design tasks faster.

Let's take a look at everything you'll be getting.

For starters, eBook Cover Impact provides you with 16 of the most popular ecover actions, from various ebook covers to software boxes, DVD packaging and Mac/Vista style boxes.

If you're not familiar with these, here's how it works:

Here are all the cover types you get:

ebook cover actions

The real beauty of this package are the 20 professionally designed ecover templates. You can customize any template in minutes to have a beautiful ebook/box/DVD/software cover for any niche or topic.

At my design service at I charge $67 to design just one professional get 20 unique designs in this package which you can customize and use to instantly cover your own products. That's $1340 worth of designs at your fingertips.

PLEASE NOTE: Even though only ebook covers are depicted here, all the templates are available for each of the 16 ecover action types in the package!

ebook cover templates
ecover templates

All these templates feature:

ebook covers

Look How Easy It Is:


Choose your favorite template. In this case we'll work with the ebook cover template for design #17:

Now, this is a weight loss themed template, but say for example you want to create a real estate themed ebook cover. No problem!

Hit any of my recommended stock sites to find a suitable main image (from as little as $1 per image, but you can also use free stock sites) and use it to replace the template image:

Change the text:

STEP 4 (optional):
Change the background color/gradient if desired:

Compile into 3D format with a single click!

In just 5 simple steps you have a beautiful ebook cover that could easily have cost you $47+ to have professionally created.


Best of all, you can use a template over and over to create as many covers as you want. For a somewhat different look...

There are plenty of possibilities, plus you have the other 19 templates to play with as well!

Bottom line: you have 20 great designs to BUILD on. No need to scratch your head in front of a blank sheet.

Not too familiar with Photoshop? Or perhaps you'd like to gain the skills to create your own unique ebook covers?

No problem! I've created an entire set of training videos to make sure you can use the action scripts and the templates to maximum effect.

The first set of videos will show you how to create your own unique ebook cover from scratch.


Video 1:
How to set the background color for your ebook cover

ecover design videos

Video 2:
How to add text to your ebook cover

ecover tutorials

Video 3:
How to add foreground and blend in background images

ecover video tutorial

Video 4:
How to round off and finalize your cover

ebook cover video

Video 5:
How to save your ebook cover for use on the web

Video 6:
How to duplicate your design across various ecover types without redoing it every time

Video 7:
How to create a combo or package graphic featuring various cover types


The second set of videos will show you how to customize the pre-designed templates to create your own unique ecovers from them quickly and with hardly any effort.


Video 1:
Introduction and how to use the pre-designed templates

Video 2:
Practical example of a basic customization

Video 3:
Another practical example of a customization, showing how you can add your own elements to the template design

BONUS: Video 4
An advanced customization where we change fonts, colors, text and themes to completely transform a template!

On the left is the original template, on the right is what you'll have at the end of this 13 minute video!


eBook Cover Impact is the complete toolkit for creating fantastic looking ecovers in Photoshop with ease. You get the tools, the templates and the training you need to succeed.

To make your job even easier, I'm throwing in some extra bonuses for you which will become valuable shortcuts to you while you design.


Gradients are extremely useful for quickly changing the color schemes of your ebook, or for creating your own unique covers!

Photoshop provides very few practical preset gradients, so this custom package featuring more than 100 practical, soft gradients will help you out immensely.

These layer styles will help you transform plain text or shapes with one click. A wide variety of styles are provided - below are just a few examples.

That's right. For a full 30 days after your purchase you have personal access to me.

  • If you run into any trouble, just ask
  • If you find you want to do something with a cover but can't figure out how, just ask
  • If you need me to record a video just for you on a certain cover design technique, just ask

You can literally pick my brain and use all my Photoshop design experience to become a Photoshop power user and an adept ecover designer over the next 30 days.

All additional training requested by members will be passed on to all other members so that the package keeps growing and becoming more valuable as a resource.




9 Brand New, High Resolution
3D eCover Action Scripts!

This package sells online right now for $27 - but it's yours FREE
with your purchase of eBook Cover Impact.

ebook cover actions

Expand your arsenal of ecovers even further with the complete Hi-Res eCovers V2 package.

This package includes:

  • 9 Brand New High Resolution 3D eCover Actions (pictured above)
  • 5 High Res Pre-Designed eCover Templates
  • Video Instructions

3D cover templates


  • The 20 pre-designed templates of the main eBook Cover Impact package are not available for the Hi-Res eCovers V2 package. This is a separate free bonus to the main package. The only pre-designed templates you get with this bonus package are the 5 pictured above.
  • The Hi Res Covers V2 action scripts require Photoshop CS2 or higher


Create Your First Stunning eCover TODAY

eBook Cover Impact is the fastest and easiest way for non-designers to create professional product covers.

Your investment for this powerful resource? Only $17.

You get:

Your 60 Day No-Risk Guarantee

Try eBook Cover Impact for 60 days. If you don't like what you see, and if you don't feel that this is the hands down easiest way to create professional ecovers with Photoshop without being a designer, just ask for your money back.

ebook cover templates


  • Requires English Language Adobe Photoshop 7* or higher
  • Not Useable on Photoshop Elements software
  • Suitable for both Windows and Mac
  • Total Download Size For Main Package Around 300MB

*The Hi Res eCovers V2 Bonus Requires Photoshop CS2 or higher

Remember, your investment is absolutely risk-free. Happy designing!

Nicolaas Theron